Sex education for Educators & Parents

Sex Education and our default excuse we need to let go of

"We are not speaking to the kids about sexuality or any of that stuff in order to protect them!"  Right? That is the reason, or the traditional lame excuse we spell out by default, as an answer to why we deprive our children from knowledge and understanding of sexuality.       


"You don't wanna put ideas in their heads, you know..?"                                                          

even though one academic research after the other are proving time and time again, that places who hold a progressive approach of  Sex Education are showing less unwanted teen age pregnancies and less Sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Most of our world chooses to ignore the empirically proven fact that communities which forbid sexuality from minor and that relate sexuality with evilness and sinfulness, and frighten minors in that context, have much higher rates of incest, sexual assault of children, sexual abuse of minors, more unwanted pregnancies, more Sexually transmitted infections and diseases, more ignorance that leads married couples into abysses and chasms of bitter disappointment from their intimate life, anxiety,  pain, incompetence to communicate about sex, discomfort, aggression and rape within the marital relationship.

Despite all, most of us adults still can't help but feeling that teaching abstinence (for as long as we can), silence and intimidating young people about horrible potential outcomes if they engage in sexual activity, has a protecting value. Well, it doesn't! Quite the contrary. How can not speaking, hence not guiding and not giving a constructive tool kit – can be at the benefit of the child?


sex education for parents