Help us grow  & spread the change!


The ELSE foundation is about promoting sex equality, preventing gender and sexual violence and educating to healthy intimacy, compassion and social justice. we want to grow, to spread the word to more people, children and adults, liberal and conservative.
we wish to work with corporate on prevention of sexual harassment and gender aimed leadership, as well as in summer camps on Hazardous Behavior regarding sex, drugs and alcohol.

we want to train every freshman in college on healthy masculinity (how to not be a douchbag with a sense of entitlement who hurts females in parties, for example) and every school girl on Positive Body Image and Self Esteem.

we strive to write books and programs, brake into mass media with short form videos along tv series on sexuality and documentary films. We have plans for the next 25 years at least 🙂 and we are now taking our first step.

we need resources: money, connections, good interns who see a vocation in bringing equality between all sexes and genders and aspire to become professionals. any help that comes to your mind – will be acccepted with gratitude beyond compare!!!

Please join us!